Santa Home Visits

Unlike a department store Santa experience, your bespoke Santa home visit will be far more personal and magical. Santa is happy to visit wherever and whenever it suits you for a magical and meaningful visit that brings the warmth and spirit of Christmas straight in to your home. He arrives to the sound of Rudolph’s sleigh bells, invites everyone to gather round, and (after some research by his elves and you) will know the children’s names, what they’ve been up to at school, what gift they received last year, and any other details to amaze them and make them feel special. 

Every child – and adult! – can then speak to Santa and tell him their wish. (Santa never, EVER promises anything and will always bring a surprise from the list!) Santa can then read a Christmas story or lead the group to sing your favourite Christmas tunes. Santa is happy to pose for selfies, be filmed or live-streamed on Facebook Live, Instagram Stories or Zoom so that those magic moments are captured forever.